Perfect Place Kennels
Perfect Place Kennels
Paradise Pet Centre

   We offer a variety of training for you and your canine companion. From basic obedience to full on behavior modification we do our best to help owners meet the needs of dogs, at any level.

   If you are interested in classes, check out the courses we offer, and if you're curious about helping your little buddy learn to play nicely we also offer specialty programs while they stay at the Kennel.

   All 'Classes' are held @ Paradise Pet Centre. If you have any questions contact Paradise at (780)459-6896

Our Methods

   Steve Gendron's training method is based on the study of wolf behaviour, utilizing and understanding of how wolves live in nature to teach people how to communicate with their canine friends. We believe it is important to understand how a dog thinks in order to be successful in schooling your dog. To achieve this, we have returned to the source to get our answers -- the wolf being the domestic dog's ancestor.

   Our methods are simple, effective and complement a dog's way of thinking.

   Your dog will be taught in a location with real life distractions, instead of an artificial setting like an arena.

   You will learn to teach your dog with the energy that is expressed through your voice and body language. Respect and understanding is achieved without using treats.

Our Commitment to You..

• Force is not necessary; your dog will listen because he chooses to
• Reconditioning and positive reinforcement methods are used
• You will learn how to correct and prevent problem behaviours
• We will never encourage physical punishment of your dog
• Open door policy: If you have any concerns during the training, let us know ASAP so we can make adjustments to suit your individual needs.

A few things to expect in class..

•The focus is on you - the handler, instilling confidence in your ability to correct and guide your dog.
•Introduction to the use of energy to help you achieve a high level of leadership.

   In class, the main theory discussion takes place in a large room set up as a home environment during the first class. This places your dog in a familiar setting as your dog will be observed while the theory is being presented to address any behaviour concerns or questions early in the course. You are encouraged to share goals during this class. There is a question period starting each class and this also provides an opportunity to discuss theory in the context of any specific concerns you might have.

Single Dog: $189.00
Additional Dog (Same Class): $159.00

Topics Covered:

• Den creatures
• Kennel use
• House training
• The "Alpha" role
• Prevention of aggressive behavior
• Pet safety.
• Body language
• ...& more

Exercises Included:

• Sits
• Attention setting
• Heeling
• Kennel training
• Downs
• Recalls
• Stays
• Out of sight stays
• House training
• ... & more