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Paradise Dog Training - Alpha Dog Quiz
What Position Do You Hold In Your Pack?
Does your dog look at you as the Alpha/leader of the family/pack, or does he see you in a lower ranking position like a Beta (next in line for the Alpha spot) or even an Omega (the lowest held position in the pack).

Knowing your position in relation to your dog(s), will tell you what level of help is required to restore peace within your pack.

If you want to have an idea where you rank in your pack with your dog, answer the following questions and click the button to show your results at the bottom of the screen.

Question 1
My dog jumps on me:
Often Sometimes Never

Question 2
I have to repeat commands to my dog:
Often Sometimes Never

Question 3
My dog initiates playtime or begs for attention:
Yes No

Question 4
My dog jumps on furniture or beds of his own accord:
Yes Sometimes No

Question 5
My dog has growled at me:
Yes No

Question 6
My dog growls at others in my presense:
Yes No

Question 7
I can remove objects from my dog's teeth without incident:
Yes Sometimes No

Question 8
My dog has tried to bite me.
Yes No

Question 9
My dog has bit me and broken skin.
Yes No

Question 10
My dog shows aggressive behaviour to others when he is near me (i.e. being held or on leash).
Yes No

Question 11
My dog is comfortable in the down position. (Example: He does not resist going down and stays down until he is released.)
Yes No

Question 12
My dog goes into a down on the first command/request and stays down without corrections until I release him.
Yes No

Question 13
My dog sleeps in my bed with me:
Yes No

Question 14
My dog pulls on the leash:
Yes No

Question 15
On walks, my dog barks at strangers and other dogs:
Yes No

Question 16
On walks, my dog lunges at other people or dogs:
Yes No

Question 17
My dog has bared his teeth to me or my family:
Yes No

Question 18
Does your dog wait for you to enter a room first:
Yes No